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Railway constructions | modernizations | renovations

A team of experienced specialists, know-how and a modern park of construction and railway machines allow for the implementation of the most advanced construction, renovation and modernization contracts. We provide services both for customers from the railway sector (construction, renovation and modernization of public railway lines, services for railway carriers) and industrial (among others for customers from the mining, manufacturing, and, or heavy industry). The result of our work is to increase the safety and comfort of railway infrastructure users. For almost 20 years, we have been successfully implementing railway construction, renovation and modernization contracts, thus contributing to the increase of railway capacity throughout the country, as well as the availability of rail transport for passenger and freight transport. For the sake of environmental protection, we take the necessary organizational measures at the planning and construction stage and select appropriate technical measures, thanks to which we rationally limit the negative impact on the natural environment of the planned project both during the works and after the investment is handed over for use. We put emphasis on modern solutions and digitization of railways, which is why we successfully implement the most modern solutions in the field of power engineering, teletechnics, control command signalling in our projects.

Railway infrastructure management

We are a licensed railway infrastructure manager and operate on the basis of the Safety Authorization issued by the President of the Office of Rail Transport. Our priority is to ensure safe rail traffic on the infrastructure we manage. We provide high quality services, guaranteeing the highest level of operational and environmental security, as well as professionalism in operation. Our company provides comprehensive railway infrastructure management services, including supervision over safety and maintenance of infrastructure, planning and coordination of renovation and modernization works, and preparation of technical documentation related to railway infrastructure. We operate in accordance with applicable regulations and industry standards, taking care of the safety of passenger and freight transport and the smooth functioning of the railway infrastructure. We also offer advice on granting status to railway infrastructure. The guarantee of a high level of provided services are our certificates: PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10, PN-EN ISO 14001:2015-09, PN-EN ISO 45001:2018-06

Sidings and logistic centers maintenance

We provide comprehensive maintenance services for railway infrastructure of industrial sidings and logistics centers in the area of ongoing maintenance and diagnostics of track surface and srk equipment, maintenance of engineering facilities, and, maintenance and service of wired communication devices and train radio with particular emphasis on the functioning of RADIO – STOP system, maintenance of tracks and turnouts in the winter.

Construction and maintenance of power engineering, teletechnics, control command & signalling

We provide comprehensive solutions at every stage of – implementation, from earthworks and installation works through measurement works, to the configuration and modernization of railway traffic control devices and power and telecommunications equipment.

We offer a wide range of key services for the power infrastructure. We specialize in the implementation of lighting, installation of EOR devices and comprehensive execution of power supply along with the SN/nN station. In addition, we provide services of revitalization of power supply to buildings, restoring their efficiency and ensuring the efficiency of power infrastructure.

Our projects in the field of teletechnics include implementation of wired communication, radio communication system, broadcast system (SR), video monitoring system (SMW) on platforms, and, commercial television (TVu) as well as industrial television (TVp) on crossings, commercial television (TVu) for the determination of the end of the train (SKP), the dynamic passenger information system (SDIP), as well as the construction of teletechnical sewerage, and, fiber optic and copper networks.

We offer a wide range of works in the area of control command & signalling. Performed by include robots in external devices (including disassembly of old devices, construction of new devices – signaling devices, crossover drives, derailers, wheel sensors, camera cabinets, cable cans, reflective indicators, etc, with the construction of new earth cable lines. In addition, we carry out robots in internal devices (including the installation of new relay devices – computer, computer, installation of setting desktops, installation of power equipment station devices with aggregates).

Equipment rental

Rental of machines and equipment for track and construction work.

Universal tamper UNIMAT 08-475/4S

Making adjustments in the plan and profile along with raises, tracks and turnouts. It has a sweeper to collect excess crushed stone, the excess of which is transferred to the tray.

Universal binder PLM 08 – 275

Making adjustments in the plan and profile along with raises, tracks and turnouts.

Chipping profiler ZT-250 B/M

Scraping the breaker from the roadside to the track axis and its uniform distribution, shaping and profiling the pestle prism and collecting excess crushed stone from the sleepers and moving it to the side.

Platform for motor trolley PWM15

Carriage of surface materials, rail sections, machinery and equipment. Working with WM-15A motor trolley and other railway vehicles.

Two-way excavators Atlas 1604ZW

Works on railway and tram tracks, maintenance works, track-related works, earth and road works. Adapted for off-road driving and track driving.

Motorized trolleys WM-15A

Transport of bulk materials, railway accessories, light machinery, equipment and other cargo. Possibility to perform work at height directly at the railway track. Motorized trolley can work with PWM-15 platform.

P100 lift built on WM-15

Services at height at railway tracks using the P-100 lift built on a WM-15 motorized trolley with employee service.

PWM-15 chemical spraying platform with built-in sprayer

Performing spraying of chemical weeding.

Subcontractors – cooperation

We invite to cooperation companies providing materials and construction services in the field of railway construction. As part of our projects, we cooperate both with small, local subcontracting companies as well as with large enterprises with a nationwide range.

In order to establish cooperation, please send a notification containing primarily:

basic company data (name, address, phone number, contact person),

scope of work performed or type of materials supplied,

production capabilities (number of employees at the disposal of the company),

information on past projects with possible references.

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